Childcare Vouchers

We support the use of Childcare Vouchers to pay for extracurricular activities at St Michael’s and are registered with the following Childcare Voucher Providers:

1. Eden Red

2. Computershare

3. KiddiVouchers

4. Care-4

5. Busy Bees

6. Fideliti

7. Fair Care

8. PES

We are happy to register with further providers as needed by parents.

Parents at the school are able to use Childcare Vouchers to pay for their children’s extracurricular activities. This includes all the clubs at the school.

Please note that Childcare Vouchers cannot be used by parents to pay for School Journeys and Trips which take place during school hours, such as PGL, Flatford and Theatre Trips, as these are deemed to be part of the curriculum.

If you would like to pay for a club using Childcare Vouchers please contact our Finance Assistant, Hannah Prior, detailing the name of your voucher provider, the transaction reference number and the clubs which you are paying for. Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch and be sure to mark your message for Hannah's attention.

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